The big day is coming soon, and it’s time to let your fans know what’s up. Time to announce your drop!

Your artwork can now be shared on your socials. Any banners with the new art should come up on your profiles.

From now until release day, consider being very active where you can share stories. Up to 5 stories a day is only encouraged! Make sure all your fans know that your drop is coming.

You want to start talking your fans and friends by now. What do you want them to do? If they listen to your songs in full and place them in their own playlists with similar artists, they will help boost the algorithms.

Create and post a new playlist on Spotify that plays well with your coming release. A mix of your own music with other artists in your field is a good way of placing your drop in the right mindset of your fans.

Over the course of the week until release day, announce your drop continually, in a cohesive manner. Your fans will definitely know what’s coming their way!