Artist contracts

Digital contracts; signed, saved and accessible at all times. Our artist contracts offer full transparency between labels and artists. Finally!

One slightly frightening aspect of running a label might be the legal documentation. Well, being enablers, we have decided to help you out here as well.

We have used the best legal expertise around to create label/artist contract templates. The templates are designed to cover the mechanical royalties for each release. Mechanical royalties in this sense are the digital streaming royalties paid out by streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music. The contractual process of a release could look like this:

– Label and artist agree upon doing a release together
– Label and artist agree upon the royalty split
– Enter the percentages in the Labelcaster distribution center
– The artist contract is automatically populated with the names and percentages
– All parties digitally sign the contract
– The contract is locked and the music is ready to be released

Not only do you now have a signed deal. The split between each party of the agreement is saved in the Labelcaster system. When the royalties are paid out from the streaming services, our system pays out the royalties based on the contractual split.

All artist contracts are signed and saved digitally in the app. Available and downloadable at all times for all parties, fully transparent and fair.

Please note that the contracts we provide are templates, we have no part nor interest in the contractual agreements between labels and artists. Our users are free to change the templates or upload own contracts if they so wish.

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