Tease, hint and announce. Get your fans ready for your release by building excitement.

You get the most out of your social media platforms if you use them as spaces to build excitement. In the upcoming week until release day you do well to have prepared visual content hinting the release.

Set a day where you update all your platforms at once. You want to be synced on all fronts to give your fans the message at all places you are seen.

If you’re rolling out newsletters, use them too. They are more flexible in what you can write to your fans in terms of content, so make sure you utilize that opportunity.

Teaser videos should ideally be between 15 and 30 seconds, so crop it where it counts. It’s usually a good idea to have it cut in a way that the hook is presented.

Instagram stories and TikTok can be more frequent than regular posting. Around 5 times a day until the drop, where you build excitement and let your fans know what’s coming up. You want your fans to want to be introduced to the drop one piece at a time.

A gradual hint & reveal, but never the full story, will pique your fans interest and up the anticipation until release day. With continuous presence like this, you’ll give your music the best chance to be excited about. Good luck!