Labelcaster Promotion Lab – Empowering you to succeed The digitalization of the music industry is fantastic in many ways, but it has also lead to a major problem. Pay attention now. Thanks to cheap digital distribution to the streaming services and cheap production, there is more music produced and released than ever before. Today, there […]


Digital contracts; signed, saved and accessible at all times. Our artist contracts offer full transparency between labels and artists. Finally! One slightly frightening aspect of running a label might be the legal documentation. Well, being enablers, we have decided to help you out here as well. We have used the best legal expertise around to […]


Streaming royalties are automatically split between labels and artists based on their contracts. The digitalization of the music industry is still in its early days and streaming services, with Spotify at the forefront, are still trying to set their ultimate business models. The process of finding the perfect model has led to fluctuations of streaming […]


Get full data insights using the Labelcaster streaming dashboard. See how much artists are being streamed, expected royalties and much more The first thing you will see on your Labelcaster account is your music streaming dashboard. Here you can see exactly how much each release has been streamed, where it has been streamed and a […]


Labelcaster distributes music to all major digital service providers around the world. Music distribution is how music gets delivered to streaming services (DSPs) such as Spotify, Youtube music and Apple Music. You could call them modern record stores. If you want your artists to be heard, make them available where the fans hang out; the […]