Topoli Records

Independent record label, music collective and lo-fi recording studio.


YEAR0001 is a multidisciplinary record label, management and creative studio founded in Stockholm in 2015. Our vision is to act as an independent incubator active in the landscape of music, culture, fashion and technology. We believe in using transparency and co-creation to achieve a more sustainable landscape for our artists and creators.

Rootsy is a web based community and magazine for people that loves music in general and americana/roots music specifically. Its like an ever changing organism with tentacles as a record label/distributor, a musicshop and a live/tour agency.

Bad Taste Records

Bad Taste Empire is our online home where we will give you all the latest updates on everything Bad Taste related. The company is divided into four different business areas with its base and head office in Lund, Sweden and an ancillary office in Los Angeles, California. Bad Taste Records – Our first release on […]

Kning Disc

Kning Disk presents first-rate, limited editions and various kinds of presentations where innovative composers of yesteryear shares space with the kindred spirits of the groundbreaking artists, designers and writers of tomorrow.

Adrian Recordings

Adrian Recordings is a music label founded in Malmö, Sweden, since 2014 residing in Stockholm. Younger now than in 1999 when the label was founded by Stefan Nordmark. Stefan passed the label on to Magnus Bjerkert in 2001, who has been in charge ever since. As interested in minimal dark electronic business as in an […]

Border Music Scandinavia

With a market share of about 5% Border Music Distribution AB is the biggest independent music distributor in Sweden. We’ve been in business since 1982 and our catalogue exists of everything from early medieval music to the latest indie rock. Therefore we can offer a colourful palette of classic rock, opera, soul, skate punk, jazz, […]


Novoton was started 2004 but i have been running record labels since 1988 when we started Frequent Frenzy. FF was then followed by Beverage and Origin. After a couple of years working in other parts of the music industry, with which i was one of the founders of, i’m back running my own label […]


Artist Law & Rights Management. Management and Music publishing. Record label. Independent consulting for artist/lsongwriters/producers based in Sweden since 2004.