How to create a Facebook Label Page in 7 simple steps

Whether you like it or not, Facebook is a great asset for your label and artists. The social media platform is your shop window to the world and by creating a Facebook for business account you get access to all the promotional tools at hand. The reach is obviously pretty good considering Facebook has over 2 billion users, but you can also find niche target groups at low cost. Here’s how to set it up


Step 1: Fill out your basic label info

Open the following URL to create a business Page on Facebook:


Once there, you’ll see it’s pretty straightforward. Do put some effort into your description, most people are sloppy so you have much to gain by making a short but informative description of your label


Step 2: Add a profile photo and cover photo

Next, Facebook will prompt you to upload a profile photo and cover photo.

Facebook Profile photo – 170 x 170 pixels

This photo will appear as your icon every time you comment on a post or publish in the News Feed. Ideally, you want to upload your company logo here.

Facebook Cover photo – 820 x 462 pixels

The cover photo appears across the top of your page and is a great opportunity to deliver a visual element that supports your branding, draws attention, or elicits emotion from your visitors.

You can certainly hire a designer to make you something fabulous, or you can go the DIY route. Canva is a super helpful, free tool for Facebook cover photos as it comes with several pre-made templates that look great right out of the box.


Step 3: Fill out your Page information completely

Description – Let people know what your Page is about in 155 characters.
Categories – Categories can help people find your Page. Choose up to three categories.
Contact information – If you have a business phone number, website, and email address, add them here.
Location – If you have a physical store, share your address here.
Hours – If you are only open on selected hours, state them here.
More – You can even state a price range (if you want).
All of these details will appear on the About tab of your Facebook Page, where you can add even more information, such as your business’s story, awards, menu, etc.


Step 4: Link to your Instagram account

You probably know his but Instagram belongs to Facebook. Connect the two platforms to be able to post on both at the same time. Convenient and efficient! Also, this allows you to do promotions on Facebook and Instagram at the same time. More info about settting up an Instagram account can be found here.

Here’s where to connect:


Step 5: Start posting

Now that your page has been set up, start posting content. Remember to post information that is relevant to your business and brand. Start with posting three to five posts


Step 6: Invite friends

Now that you have populated your page a bit it is time to invite your friends. You can invite some or all of your friends in the top right corner


Step 7: Start promoting

facebook automatically creates an Ads account for you when you set up a business page. You can now with ease promote posts, create ads and target niche users in your genre. Learn more about Facebook Ads Management here.

You’re set, good luck!