Hey hey, there's some Q&A

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  • What do I need to get started?

    An email address, that’s it. Oh yeah, and a phone or computer. That’s it.
  • Will Labelcaster take any of the artist royalties?

    We take 10% of the streaming royalties.
  • I am having trouble signing contracts

    If you are met by a blank page when signing contracts, it is probably due to you not having enabled your position. Showing your position is required for signing contracts. Change these settings on the right hand side of your url search bar in your browser!
  • How do I get a pre release link?

    First of all, you need to distribute your release at least 15 days before the release date. When you have distributed through Labelcaster, drop us an email to support@labelcaster.naqkfbuygo-gjy3mxy9k48q.p.runcloud.link and let us know which release you would like the pre release link for. We'll get back to you with the link asap!
  • Can anybody sign up?

    We are looking for suitable launch partners that want to release music and help us create the ultimate product. You can be an aspiring industry rep, an existing label or an artist. Everybody is welcome, as long as you have a sound to release.