Falling A Records

Falling A Records started life as a diy cassette label in 1977 as a vehicle to deliver our own music into the marketplace. As the idea of cassette culture gained momentum we began to connect with other like minded musicians and a network of fanzines. By 1981 we became a fast growing distribution hub and […]

Jungle Records

Jungle Records (Bravour Limited trading as) began back in the vinyl days of 1982, founded by music fanatics who had been working at Fresh Records and Distribution. Philosophically and emphatically independent, Jungle continues be excited about new music as well as cataloguing the past. Personnel Alan Hauser formed his first indie label Parole in 1977, […]

Secretly Canadian

Today, Secretly Canadian’s roster is a mix of old and new. The unhinged, feminist skuzz of wunderkinds Cherry Glazerr; the dreamy singularity of Whitney’s Light Upon the Lake; Alex Cameron’s sinister synth-pop reflecting on the darkness of the world; Anohni’s crushing, sprawling protest song delivered via dance music; Joey Dosik’s charming jazz infused with a […]

Rough Trade Records

Rough Trade Records is a legendary independent record label and a benchmark and inspiration to many in the field. Rough Trade was at the epicentre of the punk explosion right at the start and since then has gone on to release a catalogue that almost defines the genre of independent music itself. Seminal releases litter […]


FROM WIKIPEDIA: 4AD is a British independent record label, founded by Ivo Watts-Russell and Peter Kent in 1980. It was originally funded by, and an imprint of, Beggars Banquet. The label gained prominence in the 1980s for releasing albums from alternative rock, post-punk, gothic rock and dream pop artists, such as Bauhaus, Cocteau Twins, Modern English, Dead Can Dance, Clan of Xymox, Pixies, Throwing Muses and Watts-Russell’s own musical project This Mortal Coil. In 1987, the […]