Boy Better Know

Named after his notorious lyric, Boy Better Know was established around 2008 by North London’s producer and MC JME, with his brother Skepta and grime pioneer Wiley
Putting out their own music and BBK merchandise, designed by JME, playing shows and exercising an extremely strong internet presence, BBK fanbase grew unprecedented under the radar to become the iconic grime brand it continues to be today.
As a collective rather than a crew, it includes many artists of the scene at different times: Tinchy, Chip and Tinie amongst others, but at it’s core BBK revolves around JME, Skepta, Wiley, Jammer, Frisco, Shorty, Solo 45 and their long-standing DJ, Maximum.
As a concept BBK reflects the unpolluted, unique and endlessly popular enigma that is, and always has been, Grime.