Falling A Records

Falling A Records started life as a diy cassette label in 1977 as a vehicle to deliver our own music into the marketplace. As the idea of cassette culture gained momentum we began to connect with other like minded musicians and a network of fanzines. By 1981 we became a fast growing distribution hub and label delivering music by several artists / bands into the world of underground music. We maintained a prolific release schedule up until 1987 and even opened a shop for a heady couple of years.

Towards the end of the 1980’s we began to scale down and by the 1990’s we were involved in only a few sporadic projects. An invitation to contribute to a Martin Newell (Cleaners from Venus) tribute project and a reconnecting with Tim Jones (later of Stone Premonitions) in 2001 inspired us to connect our catalogue with the CD generation and Falling A was revived under the banner of Dynamite Vision distribution. We didn’t quite get the drift into download and though we tried to get involved we struggled to find our way and found ourselves immersed in tech solutions rather than creative projects. We didn’t exactly close our doors this time we simply went for a walk and left them ajar.

We now have some new projects and will be rebuilding our legacy with greater quality at our fingertips than ever before. In the coming weeks and months we will have some exciting announcements to make and there will be a complete overhaul of the website. Finally we will get around to delivering new music as well as some old rarities and legacy pieces but we will also get to tell our story from the emergence of cassette culture to the present day and our navigation through an incredible musical and cultural landscape that we hope will inspire other creatives to chart their own course.