Maltine Records

Founded by tomad and Syem in 2005, Maltine Records is a Japanese netlabel. The netlabel movement of online independent record labels has recently become widespread around the world thanks to online music distribution services such as SoundCloud. The Tokyo-based Maltine Records is currently run by tomad and releases music through its website ( and smartphone app.
Now in its twelfth year, Maltine Records has attracted a strong fan base as a leading presence in the Japanese netlabel music scene. Conceived as a record label sitting between dance and pop music, it presently has over 100 artists and acts on its roster and a back catalog of some 160 releases. Several of Maltine’s beatmakers and artists have gone on to sign with major Japanese record labels. As such, Maltine is regarded as an important steppingstone to success for emerging music artists.
Since 2009, Maltine Records has also organized events at clubs in Tokyo. Its largest event to date was “Tokyo” in 2014, featuring visiting overseas artists and attracting around 1,000 fans. Building on a growing international fan base, it has also partnered with local organizers to hold an event in London in March 2015 and an American tour of three cities (New York, Austin, Los Angeles) in March 2016.
From fashion items to books, collaborations with music idols, and even its own phone app, Maltine is more than just a record label but a cultural community straddling the online and urban spheres.