Massproduktion started as a local punklabel in 1979 and have developed ever since. It is still run by Mats Hammerman who have been running it since the early days.

Today you can find the modern folkmusic of Garmarna, the powerpop of The Confusions, the electronic sounds of Red Mecca, the gotic metal of Left Hand Solution, the indiefolk of The Soft Eyes, the electronic indie of my Orchard, the new wave punk of Marble, the minimalistic cool sounds of Mine, the altcountry of The Thousand Dollar Playboys and marvelous songwriting from the singer/songwriter Lars Bygdén on Massproduktion.

Apart from working with these fantastic artists Massproduktion now and then also release some of our classic punk recordings. Punksvall 1979-80 – even got nominated for a Swedish Grammy and our compilations of Traste & Superstararna and Mögel have recived stunning reviews. Vägra Raggarna Benzin in four volyms is another success.