Mom + Pop

Our ambition for Mom + Pop has been and always will be to build a collaborative label with transparency and sincere respect for our artists’ creative controls. When we started in 2008, we opened up shop in Times Square at 49th and 7th across the street from the famous Brill building where so many classic hits were written. When it came to deciding a name for the label, I came up with 56 ideas, 55 of which were NY-centric, but we finally settled on Mom + Pop because it was the only one we could all agree on. In 2013 we moved to our current location off Madison Square Park. From then on, we marched forward with incredibly talented artists. To be able to continue working with these remarkable artists is our fortune. That said without you, who are we? Mom + Pop are unbelievably grateful for all of the music fans who have supported our artists and therefore our label. It’s music fans who keep us going and the lights on. We sincerely thank you for your support then and now.