Pnkslm Recordings

PNKSLM (Punk-Slime) started in 2010, as a music blog ran by Luke Reilly and a few other London based musicians. Somewhere along the line, it evolved into a monthly party in East London. We put on our favourite Rock & Roll bands from all over the world, and had a real fucking blast.
In Spring 2013 (following Luke’s move to Stockholm, Sweden) he announced PNKSLM Recordings, his own record label, planing a small amount of releases from the likes of Sudakistan, Al Lover & Black Mekon. In 2014, things really took shape when Luke teamed up with Johan Alm, who came from a background in music journalism and PR. The label is now based solely in Stockholm, and ran by Johan and Luke, and distributed in the UK by Forte and rest of world by Redeye, excluding Scandinavia where we’ve launched our own distribution via Echo Three.
Apart from the label side of things, we also throw some pretty wild parties all over the world- in locations from basments to boats, in cities such as Stockholm, London, Austin & Tokyo.
Past brand partners for our events include VICE Magazine, Marshall Headphones, Burger Records, PBR, Pistonhead Lager & more. If you think we could work well together on something, email us at