Rostrum Records

Rostrum Records is an independent music label based in both Los Angeles, CA and Pittsburgh, PA. Founded in 2003 by Benjy Grinberg, Rostrum’s artist-centric approach to developing talent has resulted in the company becoming one of the most successful and innovative labels in the music industry. With a formula of steady growth and forward-thinking strategies, Rostrum is home to a diverse roster of both established and developing artists, including Mod Sun, BRÅVES, Vali, Mike Taylor, The Bird and The Bee, TeamMate, Toothless, and Juliann Alexander. The label notably discovered Wiz Khalifa, who has gone on to become one of rap and pop music’s biggest artists, as well Mac Miller, who under his deal with Rostrum, had the first independently released debut album to land at # 1 on Billboard’s Top 200 since 1995. Over the course of the last six years Rostrum has sold millions of albums and tens of millions of singles, while constantly discovering and embracing new ways for their artists to get their music out and build lasting relationships with fans.