Secretly Canadian

Today, Secretly Canadian’s roster is a mix of old and new. The unhinged, feminist skuzz of wunderkinds Cherry Glazerr; the dreamy singularity of Whitney’s Light Upon the Lake; Alex Cameron’s sinister synth-pop reflecting on the darkness of the world; Anohni’s crushing, sprawling protest song delivered via dance music; Joey Dosik’s charming jazz infused with a love of basketball; Stella Donnelly’s soaring voice; serpentwithfeet’s emotive, stunning blend of gospel and pop.

“We were always striving for a timeless sound we wanted to put records that, when discovered in the bins twenty, thirty years from now, they’d sound even better, or cooler than they did upon being released,” Chris Swanson says. “I feel like we’re still doing that.”

Despite the growth of Secretly Canadian over the years – the addition of Dead Oceans and the formation of Secretly Group in 2007, the partnership with Numero Group in 2015, and an expanding global presence – much remains the same. The headquarters is still in Bloomington, amongst the basements, the thriving college kids, not far from the house Secretly Canadian was originally based out of. Songs: Ohia album artwork hangs next to the main entrance, the first greeting in the sunlit office.