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The digitalization of the music industry is fantastic in many ways, but it has also lead to a major problem. Pay attention now. Thanks to cheap digital distribution to the streaming services and cheap production, there is more music produced and released than ever before. Today, there are 50.000+ tracks released on the Spotify platform alone, every day.

But are the crowds listening to the music? No, and this is why. Artists typically want to produce music and not turn themselves into marketers. The frustration of producing music and having it discreetly added to Spotify’s 45 million existing tracks, and not getting any real attention, is a reality.

Most artists need independent record labels to manage and market them. That’s why Labelcaster has made it so easy to start an independent record label and added everything you need to sign and manage artists.

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The Labelcaster Promotion Lab at your fingertips – reach listeners across the globe

What happens when you have signed artists and distributed the music? Most people don’t know how to market a release or what to do next, so we have made it easy for you!

At Labelcaster your account profile (Label and artist) is a press kit, ready to be distributed at all times using our promotional tools. Also, for each music release you will be able to create a specific press kit, pre-designed and tailored only for you. With your new press material on-hand, use our promotional tools to make your voice heard.

Our promotion lab will be constantly evolving, adding new features based on what our users want and need. Stay tuned and good luck!

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