In the office here, we are sitting around discussing music. How it’s made, how it’s developed, and how it’s controlled.

We don’t claim to have all the answers. What we do have is the passion to explore this ever expanding and enchanting space. We are eager to work with those who share that passion. If that’s you, send us a mail and discuss the opportunity to become a Launch Partner.

Music – the tonic of happiness

It’s simple, melodies inspire great things in life.

Let’s take a moment to discuss that very idea. Melt into this short post that inspires us here at LabelCaster. We have written this for those who lack the words but have the sound.

Music is inherently the art of eliciting emotions in listeners. The time people spend listening to music is ranked among our most enjoyable activities of daily life.

Listening to rhythmic sounds Music is thought of in the same class of activities as participating in sports, religious worship, or attending a party, in terms of the positive emotions that it generates, and the negative feelings like stress and anger that it helps to counteract or chase away.

What’s more, listening to music improves the experience of other activities such as cleaning or commuting to work. You can’t walk down a street, sit in a subway car, fly on a plane or sit on a train without noticing people with earbuds or headset listening to music. Now that listening to music is available anytime and anywhereanytime, human welfare has been greatly increased.

What leads people to want to experience music; when they are feeling blue or unhappy, when they are feeling lonely or longing to be part of a crowd?

What is it about the sound of music that music that playing it helps sell products or escape occupied Austria, from coffee to cars?

Music sets the mood for political campaigns, weddings, bars, senior proms and countless other rites and events all over the world. Music reinforces our memory and is even used for treating psychological disorders.

Music helps to create moments, memories and social occasions – this is the secret of music being the tonic of happiness.

This simple pleasure can be shadowed by the strings it is commonly tied with.

Once upon a time, having the desire and determination to work in the music industry wasn’t enough. You also needed experience in all the various departments; legal, financial, and the political connections just to get your feet off the ground.

Those days are gone, thanks to the wild west of the web there are ways to simplify those unnecessarily complex elements. At LabelCaster, we have put this platform together to give those with the desire and drive to grow and explore with their artists.

So, let’s capture those vibes and give the people something to reminisce about.