Social Media Templates: a 2021 guide to the perfect layout

Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp and others all have different sizes and forms to the content that’s uploaded. It’s hard to keep track of what layout works on one social media, and what doesn’t on another. We have made a collection of social media templates that guarantee a quick way to create banners, headers and profiles for your label and artists on different platforms.

This collection includes templates to:

  • Facebook pages
  • Soundcloud profiles
  • Bandcamp pages
  • Instagram and Facebook stories
  • Youtube Banners

How to use the templates:

The templates are made for photoshop, with layers showing what will be visible on various devices. There are certain ”safe zones” in some templates, showing where you can safely put logos or text that will for certain be visible on all devices.

We have done the job of giving you the correct dimensions, aspect ratios and a recommended resolution for your content to be created with ease.

If you search around the web, lots of numbers are being thrown around about pixels, size and format – it gets confusing! That’s why we’ve made these social media templates really easy to work with. Lay out your content so it matches the safe zones and when you’re ready, take away the layers and voilá, you have content matched perfectly with your choice of social media!

We have to get technical about some basic things though. To avoid compression, many social media platforms want you to export your content as .PNG files to save space!

Downloads social media templates:

Feel free to download all the templates or go with just the one you need:

Facebook Profile Template

Facebook Page Cover Template

Bandcamp Header Template

Bandcamp Background Template

Instagram and Facebook Stories Template

Soundcloud Header Template

Soundcloud Profile Template

Youtube Banner Template

General 1:1 Profile Template

Now that you’ve set up your profile for your label, go on to read up on how to get the cover art for your first release just right!