Get your Label started on Spotify for Artists – an introduction


The name Spotify for Artists indicates that the platform solely is for artists – it’s not. Back in the days, only artists could claim their own profiles. Spotify have recently updated their Spotify for Artists platform so that teams can create profiles and use all the tools that are available on the platform.

As a label you can handle the entire artist presence on Spotify and make sure that it is up to date and in line with the marketing efforts you are doing. You can add as many team members you like to the platform, allowing everybody involved to have full insight in the progress of the artist.


First things first – create your label

You need to fulfil either of the below requirements in order to set up your label:

a. You must have three songs published on Spotify

b. You must have distributed a release of at least three (songs) through Labelcaster and they have been accepted by Spotify. This generates one URI code for each track. Get this code by emailing


Post the three songs as below and submit to Spotify. Once approved, Spotify will create your label account.


Now you are ready to claim artist profiles and put them under your umbrella!!


Claiming and verifying an artist profile

If you are about to manage an upcoming artist or band, it is essential that you sign them up for Spotify for artists. With a Spotify for Artists account, not only can you see who’s listening to your music across the world, but also pitch for official Spotify playlists and track your playlist features.

Plus, your Spotify for Artists will automatically verify your Spotify artist profile, giving you that coveted blue tick next to your name.

Will you be working with artists that already have profiles? Ask them to add you as a team member!


Claiming an artist profile – Two requirements

a. The artist is already published on Spotify
b. The artist isn’t yet on Spotify, but you have distributed the release through Labelcaster, and it’s been accepted by Spotify.
The artist is already published
1. Go to and click ‘Get Access’
2. Select ‘Artist or Manager’ & hit ‘Continue’
3. Search for your Artist Name or copy & paste your Spotify Artist Link into the box
4. Select your Artist Name & follow the instruction

You can find the Spotify Artist Link by heading to your profile on Spotify and clicking the 3 dots underneath your artist name. The head down to ‘Share’ and click ‘Copy Artist Link’



The artist hasn’t yet been published
For this you’ll need your Spotify URI. You can request your Spotify URI after you have distributed your music through Labelcaster. Get this code by emailing Note: the music doesn’t have to be live, it only needs to be distributed and approved (this could take 48h).
Your Spotify URI will look something like this: spotify:artist:2bgfYhT29o92MLi3NFacpb

Once you’ve received your Spotify URI, just follow the instructions above but paste your URI into the search box to find your profile.


Create strong Artist Profiles

Your artist profiles are the shop window of your label, take control of the profiles! This is where all of your music and content lives. It’s also where fans can discover more about what’s happening with your artists—hear the newest releases, dig deeper with one of your playlists, find out where your artists are touring, even buy merch.

Once you claim your profile you’ll be able to upload the artist’s profile picture, a photo gallery, and a profile banner.

Plus, you’ll be able to tell their story (in 1500 words or less) in the artist biography.

Give your audience a short background about where the artist comes from, what the music is about and even some words about the newest release.

Don’t forget to include links to your social media accounts!


Submitting to Spotify Playlists

Getting onto one of the official Spotify playlist is a game changer for any artist. One of the main reasons for creating a Spotify for Artists profile is that you get to pitch the artist’s music to the playlist editors(and the AI lists).

Here’s some information before you get started:

1. You can only submit one track at a time.
2. Only unreleased tracks can be considered for playlists.
3. You must submit at least 7 days before your release date.
4. If it is your first release, remember that you need the URI code for the release! (see earlier in this article).

This is how you pitch a release:
1. Login to Spotify for Artists – go to Music and you will see unreleased music for the artist
2. Choose the unreleased track
3. Complete the submission form – done!

Good luck for now!

Start your own record label today!