Any label and artist will know that in today’s streaming era, having one of your tracks featured in a playlist is one of the most effective ways to reach as many fans as possible. Spotify makes it easier for artists to be considered for their own playlists curated by the Spotify editorial team.

Use Spotify for Artists to pitch an upcoming, unreleased song to our playlist editors. They will also add your pitched song to your followers’ Release Radar playlists.


  1. Log in to Spotify for Artists.
  2. Find unreleased music to pitch:
    – At the top of Home, select PITCH FROM NEXT RELEASE.
    – On web, you can also pitch from the Music tab under UPCOMING.
  3. Choose a song and fill out the info. The more info we get, the better chance it has.

Important info about pitching music:

  • Get your music in early so the Spotify editors have time to listen
  • See the status Available Soon? They’re still processing your release (it can take a few days until it’s ready to pitch)
  • You can’t pitch compilations
  • You can’t pitch if you’re a featured artist on the song
  • The Spotify editors might pick a different song from your release on their playlist
  • Anyone with Admin or Editor access can see and edit the pitch
  • You can edit your pitch up to release day, but there’s no guarantee the editors will see the changes

How to know if your song gets picked

Spotify will email you if your song gets picked. You can also check the Playlists tab in Spotify for Artists when your release goes live and explore detailed stats about it.

Pitching doesn’t guarantee playlist placement. If your song doesn’t get picked, it may still get discovered later. Stay on our editors’ radar by building your fanbase and engaging with your audience on Spotify and beyond.

Label-only pitches

Licensors and labels can make a pitch label-only.

Artists and managers can see the song and who pitched it, but can’t edit or view some pitch details (e.g. genre, mood, and culture tags).

You can reach out to us at Labelcaster if you need help with a label-only pitch.

Good luck!