How much does it cost to start my label?

Getting started is completely free. Instead of an upfront payment, Labelcaster takes a commission of 10% of the streaming royalties once they come in. There are no additional costs or hidden fees. Our commission covers distribution to all DSPs, contract management, payouts to all participants and reporting. If you succeed – we succeed.

I already have a label, can I use Labelcaster?

You bet! You can transfer any existing catalogue(s) to our system, free of charge, and we will help you to manage a seamless transition. If you want to try Labelcaster out, you can add just a few releases to start and see how it goes, then transfer later if you want (or not). Or, maybe […]

Why do I need to apply for invite? Can’t I just sign up and get going?

We screen applications to make sure sure the account info is real, and the owner has the rights to distribute music in their catalogs. Since our focus is on record labels and businesses, we do not accept applications from unsolicited artists. [If you are an artist, check our Distrokid or CDBaby] We do love new […]

Can anyone get an account?

Anyone who runs or is starting a record label can apply for an account with us. Because we provide B2B label distribution services, we do not sign artists or accept applications from unsolicited artists.We screen every application, and if we think you’re a good fit, we’ll approve the application and welcome you aboard the platform! […]

Can I cancel or leave Labelcaster once I signed up and distributed music?

You can leave the Labelcaster service at any time with no cost. We do require 30 days written notice. Given it takes time for all royalties and reporting to work through DSPs and our systems, expect a wind down period of about 90 days after that. In all cases, you retain all rights to your […]

What does Labelcaster cost? What is your pricing?

Our pricing model is straightforward. We take a 10% commission fee on all music royalties going through the Labelcaster system. That fee includes all the services we offer—music distribution to all DSPs, contracts handling and archival, reporting, split handling and payments. You pay nothing additional to distribute music. There are no upfront account costs. We […]

How much does distribution cost?

For the initial distribution charge, nothing. No yearly account fees or per track upload cost. Unlike others, we charge no upfront fees to distribute music to all streaming services (DSPs). Once your music gets played, Labelcaster does take a 10% commission on the streaming royalties. We take the risk with you. If you succeed – […]

Do I need a registered company to collect royalties?

Nope. Royalties are simply paid out to your user account. Today we do that through PayPal, Revolut, or bank transfer, but we are adding more payout options as we go. Stay tuned… All that said, depending on your location, you are liable for tax payments on the income you make. It is your responsibility to […]

Do you have an app?

The Labelcaster service works as an app in any web browser on any platform, desktop or mobile. If you have an account you can login here Your can bookmark and add the Labelcaster app to your mobile phone’s screen to have it work like an app. Click the links below to learn how:

Can I sign artists?

Of course! We have used the best legal expertise around to create label/artist contract templates. The templates are designed to cover the mechanical royalties for each release and the split between each party of the agreement is saved in the Labelcaster system. When the royalties are paid out from the streaming services, our system pays […]