The Labelcaster Service


CSV file in Excel online
Detailed report data imported into Excel

Each month, as we receive reports from the streaming services, we process the data into detailed reports. By the 10th of each month, we’ll have the reports available to you and all participants. We provide detailed reporting on performance revenue as downloadable CSV files. CSV (or “comma separated value”) are standard text files that applications like Excel, Google Sheets, Apple Numbers or Tableau can read to analyze and visualize data. 

Download the detailed revenue CSV file, by logging into your Labelcaster account  and going to your Dashboard. From there, tap the Revenue Report button and then the Detailed report download button.

A bit on dates: we receive reports from DSPs at the beginning of each month for transactions (plays and downloads) that happened two full months prior. Some DSPs can be even slower. The Report Date is when money is allocated to accounts, not the stream or play date. For example, if you want to see how your music performed in August, you want to choose the report date from November then filter the sales_start_date for August. We suggest downloading all the available dates and filtering in your analytics software.

Here are the columns (fields) and descriptions that are contained in the CSV file.

Column (field name)Description
labelRecord label name
report_dateDate of report when money is allocated to accounts (generally reporting is two months after streaming or downloads)
sales_start_dateBeginning period of transaction (when a stream, download, performance) occurred
sales_end_dateEnd period of transaction (when a stream, download etc. occurred)
UPC13 or 14 digit numeric pricing code for a release or grouped unit (e.g. an album, EP, compilation), Each UPC can have one or multiple tracks (ISRC)
release_titleText name title for grouped unit with a single UPC (e.g. an album, EP, compilation)
release_artistArtist name associated with a release/UPC
ISRCCode for an individual track, can be associated with multiple UPCs if in different groups (e.g. a compilation album)
track_titleText name title for an individual track (ISRC), can be associated with multiple UPCs if in different groups
track_artistArtist for an individual track/ISRC
channelStreaming service or sales platform, e.g. Spotify, Facebook, YouTube Art Track, that generated the revenue
configurationSpecific format of the sale, e.g. Premium Stream, Art Track (not always available)
typeTrack or album
country_codeAlpha-2 letter ISO country code of sale, see
Note: WW means worldwide, not all DSPs provide country information
unitsNumber of sales (e.g. streams, downloads, etc.)
net_royalty_revenueSales generated (in EUR), i.e. gross revenue, less any marketplace costs, transaction charges and exchange fees, but before any Labelcaster commissions and fees are deducted
labelcaster_commissionLabelcaster commission (in EUR)
total_royalty_revenueNet revenue (in EUR) minus Labelcaster commission and fees. This is the total amount earned before any splits. In other words, this is the amount from each track that split amounts are calculated from.
your_splitNet royalty payment/split amount (i.e. share) (in EUR) earned to the recipient before any recoupment
revenue_entry_ida unique id code for each transaction