The Labelcaster Service



Your label’s virtual accountant

The Labelcaster service reports and makes payments directly to all artists and collaborators. Our system is fully automated. No waiting for three months to receive quarterly reports and earnings; we report and pay out monthly — without delays. It’s your and your artists’ money, after all.

Don’t spend time creating reports, connecting royalties to splits, handling statements, invoicing, writing checks, making transfers — all of that time-consuming, non-creative stuff. Your artists and collaborators can feel confident they’ll receive royalty payments quickly and cleanly. As a label owner, rest assured knowing everything is handled.

Request payment right from the app anytime you like
It really is as simple as tapping to get paid

So how does it really work?

Each participant gets a Labelcaster account and sets up payment information for transfer through PayPal or Revolut. For each release, you set up a contract with splits and terms with participants in Labelcaster. Each month, as we receive our reports from the streaming services, we process the data into reports and payments as prescribed in those contracts. We promise that by no later than the 10th of each month, we’ll have the reports, data, and money available to you and all participants.

A bit on timing: We receive reports from DSPs at the beginning of each month for transactions (plays and downloads) that happened two months prior; some DSPs can be even slower.* So for example, January royalty reports and payments reflect streams that occurred in October. 

*  Unfortunately, it just takes that long for the DSPs to report on activity. We don’t have any say about that. We wish it were faster, too.

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