Labelcaster Music Distribution

Labelcaster distributes music to all major digital service providers around the world. Music distribution is how music gets delivered to streaming services (DSPs) such as Spotify, Youtube music and Apple Music. You could call them modern record stores. If you want your artists to be heard, make them available where the fans hang out; the main streaming services. In exchange you receive royalties depending on how and where your music was listened to. Read more about royalties here.

But you can only get your music on most digital platforms by using a distribution service. There are hordes of distribution services and companies out there, the majority of them being solely a distribution service. Some take a fixed fee, others claim a large part of the royalties if the music is a hit. Do your research and be aware of hidden fees!

Labelcaster does distribution as well but it is only part of what we have to offer independent record labels and artists. You can find the full story here.

How is Labelcaster distribution different?

First of all, we are a one stop shop when it comes to starting and managing a record label. Instead of just distributing music out into cyberspace, we also give independent labels the tools to manage their artists successfully.

We take no up-front music distribution fee, it is completely free to release as much music as you wish through us. Labelcaster then takes a 10% cut of the streaming royalties coming back from the DSPS such as Spotify and Apple Music. The rest of the royalties are split automatically according to the contracts you have signed and saved in our system.

Also, you can at all times see streaming progress using our custom dashboards in your

This way of doing it means that we are in the same boat together – if you are successful, so are we.

And no, of course we claim no other rights nor royalties. Labelcaster is all about transparency and empowering independent labels and artists. Have a look here if you want detailed information about our terms.

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How fast is the music distributed?

It depends on the DSP so it ranges between 2-15 business days. Spotify, Youtube music and Deezer take 2-3 business days, Apple music up to 14 days. We keep an release time estimation list in the app for you.

Can I schedule a release to a specific date?

Yes of course!

How do i get paid for the streaming?

The streaming revenues are sent to the Labelcaster system, from there we distribute the revenues automatically to labels and artists based on the contracts signed for each release.

Which DSPs do you support?

At the moment we support the following:
 Amazon Music
 Anghami
 Boomplay
 Claro música
 Deezer
 7 Digital
 Facebook Rights Manager
 Google Play
 Gracenote
 iHeart
 IMI Mobile
 iTunes
 Jaxta
 KDigital Media
 Kkbox
 MixCloud
 MonkingMe
 NetEase Cloud Music
 Pandora
 Resso
 Rhapsody/Napster
 JioSaavn
 Soundcloud
 Shazam
 Spinlet
 Spotify
 TikTok
 Tencent
 United Media Agency
 Tidal
 Xiami Music
 Yandex
 Zvooq