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Music Distribution

Full featured music distribution services for labels

Hundreds of Streaming Services

Labelcaster distributes your label’s music to all major online music services (DSP’s) including Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, YouTube, Pandora, Tidal, Deezer, SoundCloud, TikTok, Audiomack. Go worldwide, or narrowly target a territory. Get your music out quickly and reliably, as many releases as you like, with no upfront costs. Our comprehensive contract and rights holder’s system ensures your music is legally documented, and all collaborators are paid what they’re owed – without any administrative work.

DSPs Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon music, Youtube music, TikTok, Instagram
Labelcaster Distribution Center on your PC or mobile.
Labelcaster's Distribution Center

Fast Distribution

While we recommend labels give their releases plenty of advance release time to promote their music, sometimes you just need to get the music out there fast. That’s not a problem with the Labelcaster Distribution Center. Choose any release date, and we’ll deliver within 7 days.

Unlimited Label and Artist profiles

All your Labels and Sub-Labels can be run from the same account, and even your whole Artist roster if needed.

Full Metadata Support

Have collaborators, mastering engineers or managers that need to be in the royalty splits or credits? We offer full metadata support for everyone involved, from Mastering Engineer to Conductor, and all parties with accounts on the platform can be invited to get their share in the contracts.

Customized Identifiers

Does your label have their own ISRC’s or UPC’s? We support custom codes and even ISWC’s for total customization of your release and track identifiers.
Music Distribution

No Hidden Fees or Locked Level of Service

All labels get the same level of service. Services like fast distribution, YouTube Content ID, custom release dates, automated splits and detailed royalty reporting are included for all our customers. No level of service is hidden behind additional payment – once you’re in, you have it all.

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