The Labelcaster Service

Reports and Dashboard

See how your music is performing at anytime on any device

Everyone can see how their music performs from their own Labelcaster account

Dashboard and reports for all

Access your music’s performance in our own dashboard at anytime online or in our app. See top lists of tracks, artists, countries and more. Get an exact record of royalties of each track and every participant’s split amounts. Reports are updated monthly. Since each participant can have their own account, they get their own dashboard and can see performance and splits on all tracks they’ve worked on. As a label owner, you don’t need to send out royalty statements or worry that an artist isn’t informed on how their music is doing.

Use your own analytics tools to explore your data

Are you a data and analytics nerd? Or, perhaps your accountant wants a detailed itemized report of every track’s performance on every platform in every territory. We have you covered. 

In addition to our built-in reports, we offer the complete revenue performance data as downloadable CSV data files. CSV or “comma separated value” text files can be read by nearly all analytics and accounting programs, like Excel, Tableau, Power BI, Looker, Qlik Sense. We worked with record label accountants to ensure you have the right data in the correct format labeled in a way that minimizes hassles—one file for track performance and one file for splits breakdowns. You and your team can do your own analytics and visualizations in your favorite tools. You may never need the CSV files, but know you can get to all the data whenever you want.

Click here for more detail on CSV report files.

csv data files show detailed sales performance of all your music
Download csv files for use in analytics tools

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